Our expertise in Aviation Industry

IT Resource Hunter has more than 5+ years of experience working in partnership with our clients in the aviation industries. We have made quality our habit. It’s not something we strive for – we live by this principle every day. Our strength, in a nutshell, is the speedy sourcing of difficult-to-find technical/management, bilingual/multilingual, and transnational profiles from India. Our key objectives as an organization are customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.



5/30/20231 min read

Major Problems faced by the Aviation Industry:

  • A skills shortage. The aviation industry is constantly evolving, and the skills required to keep up are constantly changing. This makes it difficult to find qualified candidates.

  • High competition. The aviation industry is a very competitive field, and companies are constantly vying for the best talent. This drives up salaries and makes it difficult to attract and retain employees.

  • A lack of diversity. The aviation industry is not as diverse as it should be. This is a problem because diversity brings different perspectives and ideas to the table, which can lead to innovation.

Recent jobs filled by our Recruiters:

  • Pilots

  • Flight attendants

  • Air traffic controllers

  • Aircraft mechanics

  • Engineers

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