For RPO Services -

Please be advised that our company has a strict no-refund policy on RPO services rendered. Once payment has been made and services have been provided, we cannot offer any refunds or exchanges. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers and this policy allows us to maintain that level of quality. Thank you for choosing our company for your service needs.

Hope you understand that the hiring process can be unpredictable and we apologize that we cannot guarantee a refund for our RPO services. Please know that we are committed to achieving the best outcome for you and appreciate your trust in us. Rest assured, we will continue to work diligently on your behalf.

For Staffing Services -

An employer who hires a job applicant, will receive a refund of the placement fee, if the applicant is dismissed from service for dishonesty, provided the applicant is dismissed within a certain number of days after joining the work.

Whether an employer is entitled to a refund depends upon the contact entered into between an employer and an agency. If a contact specifically contains terms for refund, then an employer will get a placement fee refund in spite of the fact that a job applicant has already been hired by an employer.

Generally, a contract between an employer and an agency for hiring employees will contain a provision for refunds. Where a refund is provided for in a contract, an employer will be entitled either to recover the agency fee that is already paid or be exempted from paying a contractual fee where the employer has not paid the fees. However some statutes for the purpose of refund limit an agency’s fee in proportion to an amount that an employee earns.

An agency must make a refund upon demand by an employer. Any refusal by an agency to pay a refund amount will invite disciplinary action and an agency will be liable to pay punitive damages

United States Laws for refund -

The federal "cooling off rule" means customers usually have the right to cancel a purchase contract within three days if several conditions all apply:

  • The cost was at least $25,

  • The sale was a physical transaction (ie, not online, by mail order, or by phone), and

  • The sale was not at the seller's normal place of business (such as a store)

This means your No Return, No Refund Policy can't cover purchases that meet these conditions.

Individual state laws also cover refunds and returns. Generally, customers have the right to return faulty goods, but the rules vary from state to state for other cases. The two main options include:

  • It's entirely up to sellers whether to allow no-fault returns.

  • Sellers can have their own policy (including "no return, no refunds") but must make it clear before a sale. If they don't do so, they must accept returns and give refunds. Depending on the state, this may only apply for a certain period after the sale.

Refund Policy -

Achieving the Best Outcome in an Unpredictable Hiring Process